Custom End Grain Cutting Board

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Custom cutting board handmade just for your kitchen! I offer a wide selection of "butcher block" style end grain cutting boards. All are made from solid hardwoods - mahogany, walnut, cherry and maple. Standard cutting boards come with a 1/8" to 1/4" radius on all edges. I pre-treat every cutting board with a standard food-grade  wax and oil finish by Walrus Oil. 

Please select the size. finish and additional options for your board. I will contact you for your wood choice and any custom patterns you would like. These are custom made from the very beginning so you can choose the size, patterns and styles, wood types and any additional options listed. Please allow for 2 weeks for these to be shipped.

More options include juice grooves, finger slots, and rubber feet. Each board is handmade to the best quality and custom to each order. These cutting boards will last a lifetime!

All glues, oils and materials used to make these cutting boards are waterproof and food-safe. I use and recommend Walrus Oil Cutting Board Oil for all of my boards. Each cutting board will ship with a 2-ounce bottle of Walrus Oil Cutting Board oil and a maintenance card. 

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