My Current Projects

Current Projects

End Grain Cutting Boards

I have never had a high quality cutting board, so I figured I could make one that would stand up to the demands of our kitchen. Check out my blog post for more information about this entire process, what I've learned along the way and how the cutting boards turned out!


Wine Bottle & Wine Glass Holders

These wine glass holders are a neat little craft that are simple to make. They are great for setting out a couple glasses on the dinner table and showcasing that bottle of wine. I've been working on a couple designs to help balance them out and perfect the seat of the wine glasses. Check them out in the store!

Diamond Wine Rack

I have collected quite a few bottles of wine over the years and had the need to organize. I decided to make a couple different wine racks to hold these bottles. Check out the article about this project in the blog section.


Scrapping Old Pallets

Everybody needs some scrap wood! Occasionally I'll jump online and see who is giving (or throwing) away pallets or scrap wood. Fortunately in Northern Virginia, its everywhere! I have found that a decent pallet board can be cleaned up and turned into a wine glass holder or slats for a rustic crate. 


Corn Hole Boards 

Aside from building corn hole boards, I've painted a set or two before. Feel free to reach out to me if you would like a custom set of corn boards built or painted!


Wooden Flags & Signs

Some of my scrap pallet wood goes into making torched and stained wooden signs or custom stained American flags. I'll be putting together some plans for these soon.